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The Brand "Krukonogi" stands for excellence and innovation in achieving the highest demands of athletes and mountaineers. "Krukonogi" embraces the latest technological advances in the outdoor industry and delivers high-quality products for all level sports professionals.

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About Krukonogi Brand
At Krukonogi we design and develop new products to match our customer's specifications and individual requirements. We are 100% Russian based manufacturer of special equipment for ice climbing, drytooling and technical mountaineering. Our products used by international teams of athletes and mountaineers to achieve the highest results at world arena and in the mountains.
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Please note - all current prices with 5% of PayPal commission, at some cases the additional commission could be added, or purchase it , as "Friends and Family", without any commission. The orders will be shipping within 2 weeks, upon the end of batch production, as the quantity is limited by a unique artwork design by @alexorlovclimbingpt (c) 2019
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We are proud of our products
We produce accessories only from best quality materials.
We offer you simple and stylish high-end designs.
All our products are handcrafted and are made with presision and high attention.
Our best products on a service for your adventures
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