About DTS Movement UK
The Dry Tool Style Movement - Embrace the Difference: is the UK based non-profit focused on promoting dry tooling participation, competition, support and sponsorship. It's free from the judgement of politics, culture ethics, race, gender, orientation or religion, or DTS and aims to help bid a sense of community amongst dry-toolers living or climbing in the UK.

A first Teaser of DTS Movement: "What is Drytooling?"


What to expect :

[] Development of DTS crags across UK & Northern Ireland, connect winter climbers with DTS fans, bring awareness of the sport.
[] Bolting new routes
[] To develop, coach novice climbers and existing ones for participating in IWC
[] Organizing 3 events a year in UK or abroad.
[]To unite the climbers of all levels and to show the technical advantages of DTS skills in winter mountaineering and big range mountain climbing.
*Annual Membership £20
[] for £20 you get sticker, newsletter about upcoming events, trips, training calendar.
[] £15 goes towards bolting the routes (3 bolts)
[] if you want a route with you name on it £100
*** In case we will have sponsorship in gear (bolts, slings etc ) , then £ ( money ) will go on the organizing the event, coaching, paying for bolting and set rooting
[] meetups are free for members
[] £30 for non- members on the day of event
[] £20 for early birds

DTS Movement UK
Trips, Events, Coaching tips and Video, Store Discounts and variety of gear for training and climbing

£1 from each Krukonogi or apparel gear sell in our shop will be going for bolting and developing new DTS crags.

What Members will get from the Membership and "DTS Movement UK"
[] masterclass (top and lead classes)
[] coaching
[] educational videos, films
[] educational talk
[] gear test?
[] gear discounts (10-20%) (Sponsors websites and promo codes only) -work in progress
[] 20% discount from Krukonogi for registered members & limited ( 1 month discount ) , who participate in the event, as non - member
[] pub quiz
[] 10% discount on campsite (work in progress)
[] clothing apparel with DTS symbolic on demand ( "DTS Movement UK") Existing Skull with added wording

To Become a Member

Donate for bolting D5/D7 routes

Donate for bolting D8/D12 routes


Our contacts & Please sign up for newsletter
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with You!
Alex: 07801 576 233
Neil : 07581 151 203
London / Sheffield /UK

To support NEWSAR - Mountain Rescue Team
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Krukonogi UK
We are #1 UK Distributor of a 100% Russian based manufacturer of special equipment for ice climbing, drytooling and technical mountaineering , build from armor steel , carbon fiber and titanium, utulising the cutting edge high - tech innovations.
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