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Alexander Orlov Climbing Coach, MG & PT

I have been passionate about climbing for almost 20 years of my life. I love to climb, I love the mountains, the challenge, I love pushing limits of fear and comfort, the travels and the friendships that result from the intensity of solitude that the sport brings with it.
Above all I love to share my knowledge with others equally passionate about rock.

Alex Orlov
CEO, Founder


My coaching aims to work with your level of skill to further your performance to a higher standard whether it be rock climbing, ice climbing, TRAD, bouldering or navigating through the mountains.
The courses are suitable to all levels of climbing experience from beginner through to expert.
Most importantly I believe that learning should be fun so why not come and sign up for a class today for an indoor or outdoor session.

Personal skills
i am mountain Climber, Guide and Climbing Coach with 20+ years of experience.
I am a certified PT in Strength & Conditioning, TRX, Core Stability , Fitness for Climbing & Mountaineering
I am certified Climbing Coach and Guide, with High Education via International Board
I am an active trainee in Avalanche Safety Programs and Research
I have a wide knowledge not only in PT , Climbing Coaching and Mountain Guiding , but also in Backcountry and Snow Safety
I usually improve myself in different sport directions
Well-balanced tailored Fitness Plans and Climbing workouts
I explore every client's needs and wishes, based on the skills and technique level of Climbing and Fitness.
Working towards Clients needs in Bouldering , Sport, Trad , Ice climbing
With the specific Fitness Assessment for Climbing i am developing a tailored program for every client top move gently trough the grades Indoors to Outdoors in Bouldering , Sport , Trad and Ice Climbing
Good Support
Everybody knows that proper preparation is a half of a benefit. I generate a special kit and adventure for every client.
Online trainer
As your online trainer I am always available by Watssup and phone. Call me to give any questions or workout report to prepare yourself better for a trip? or even tell me how you feel that day.
Highly qualified support
I am a certified professional Mountain Guide with 25 years in sport industry background.
Climbing Outdoors all year round
I like outdoors and sharing my passion with my clients specifically educate and coach them to climb safely outdoors during the year .
Snow Safety
I am passionate about mountains and i am sharing my best practices and experience , how to navigate safely during winter to your climbing spots or backcoutry rides.
First Aider
I am First Aider and Mountain Rescue Officer with mountain experience and background

Take your first class today!
Live a request for the first training. I will connect with you in the nearest future
I offer high qualified and honest adventure for real people. Drop me a note and to ask any questions and let's ride! /
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