Avalanche Safety AWARENESS & Useful links to share for a Skibum
Powder is Knowledge
Powder Freaks , or what could be helpful for you to understand and enjoy the backcountry more...
To support research and knowledge of Snow Safety Avalanche
The knowledge comes
from experience...
For me the perfect trip, climb or a #powderday starts the night before with a detailed plan and preparation . As the winter is already here and some Lucky Bastards are charging the slopes , i want to share some of my knowledge and useful links , where you could find avalanche courses, backcoutry friends, news , mountain and ski Guides , who could safely coach, and guide you, but moreover get you the needed confidence to pilotage the steeper terrain safely .

So - fasten your buckles, we are good to go!

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We create this Hub of Powder Knowledge to connect active beginners, intermediate, advanced and experts skiers, snowdoarders, ice climbers and mountaineers and everybody who wants to stay active and enjoy the outdoors more safely .
The aim of this hub is to connect everybody , who are searching to progress in their skill with the right experts in their field globally . After you will finish your trip, course, ascend, ski tour or heliboarding , you will be able to better understand the theory, methods and know how to stay alive and make your own decisions and trips into the wilderness.
Here you will find a useful Tips, Daily Updates, Courses, Guides and tripos, Gear review and more .
You will be able to book your journey or hotel , heli ride or a gear rent with no time via designated payment solution.

How i could describe freedom? Probably only with untracked snowflakes on a sunny day ..
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Our Hub provides up to date news, tips and materials for several outdoor industries. Courses and Online trainings, Books and articles, gear review and weather forecasts. Blogs and online channels - all in One!
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